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Harvest season is on! Most wine producers in Portugal are now on their busiest time of the year, the harvest.

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How does the Glug club work?

Pick wine club membership that suits you best—either 3 or six bottles and the frequency of shipments—and Glug wines will be delivered to your home. Members are charged monthly and there is no sign-up or cancellation fees. Every Glug box comes with a unique set of wine note cards, our own personal reflections on the bottles we send.

Are there any perks to being a Glug member?

Yes, being a Glug member has super benefits. You get free shipping if you are lucky enough to live in Portugal or Spain. Members can book private Zoom video chats with our experts each month to discuss the latest Glug box.

What should I expect to receive in my Glug wine box?

All boxes for the current month are shipped within five (5) working days of receiving a new order. Recurring wine club memberships are shipped in the first week of each month. Delivery times vary between two to five working days, depending on the final destination. If you have any problems with your delivery, or any feedback at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also read more about our shipping policies here.

Can I upgrade or cancel my Glug membership?

Yes, you have complete control of your Glug membership from your account page. We charge your credit card at the time of purchase and on the same time in the following month, 2 months or 3 months depending on the frequency you have chosen. If you need break, you can suspend your membership indefinitely or you can also cancel at any time. No questions asked, no fees charged. You can also upgrade or downgrade at any time.

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Free Shipping in Portugal & Spain.

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